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Regardless of the conditions in which you drive, it’s important to follow your vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. Keeping your vehicle on a proper preventive maintenance schedule will help keep it running smoothly and preserve its value.


5 Top Tips for Vehicle Maintenance:

  1. Know your driving conditions and reference your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s preventive maintenance schedule.
  2. Change your engine oil and filter as appropriate. The oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle.
  3. Keep your tires pumped. To maximize gas mileage, find the proper tire pressure in your vehicle owner’s manual or door jamb. Make sure to check your spare too.
  4. Check your air filter. An engine air filter is like your vehicle’s lungs.
  5. Check your vital fluids every time you fuel your car. These vital fluids include:
    • Engine Oil
    • Automatic Transmission Fluid
    • Coolant Level
    • Washer Fluid
    • Brake Fluid
    • Power Steering Fluid

The engine oil serves as a lubricant that keeps moving parts in the engine separated from each other preventing wear and damage to the engine. It also helps keep the engine cool by carrying away heat generated within the engine. The engine oil also behaves like a sponge, it collects and holds dirt and contaminants within your engine while it lubricates the moving parts. But if the oil gets oversaturated it can no longer hold the dirt and contaminants. The excess deposits then form as sludge within the engine which can become very harmful for the engine. Regular oil changes are important to remove the dirt and contaminants before they turn into sludge.

  1. Change Oil
  2. Replace Oil Filter
  3. Transmission Fluid
  4. Windshield Washer Fluid
  5. Radiator Overflow
  6. Brake Fluid
  7. Power Steering Fluid
  8. Differential Fluid
  9. Transfer Case Fluid
  10. Tire Pressure
  11. Engine Air Filter
  12. Cabin Air Filter
  13. Wiper Blades
  14. Drive Belt
  15. Battery Level
  16. Chassis Lubrication
  17. CV boots

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Chris Ortiz
Chris Ortiz
Highly recommended. This is the place I always come to get my oil change, and I live more than 25km's away, so that says a lot. Friendly staff who get the job done quickly.
Patrick Barrett
Patrick Barrett
Kavins 10 minute oil change is great for a quick oil change without any extra pressure of extra services. Go in for an oil change; leave with just an oil change. No need to worry about being over charged for services you didn't ask for. Prices are fantastic what you see is what you pay. Would recommend to anyone especially anyone who has been to Mr Lube or similar places and had a poor experience.
Shawn Taylor
Shawn Taylor
Yes Kavin is great . I'll be going back to him. I've going for a few years
Michael Calce
Michael Calce
I’ve been taking both vehicles to Kavin for years now. Excellent service done quick and efficient. Kavin take pride in his business and it shows. I would highly recommend if you’re looking for a new oil change spot.
Louis Tsakiris
Louis Tsakiris
Great guys friendly service quick and easy. Recommended if you are in the area.
David Phillips
David Phillips
Just the best, they checked everything all fluids all lights signals etc. pleasant and fast .definitely going back.
Great service
I've been going to Gavin since 2013 for my oil changes. He and his team is consistently, Efficient and professional. They check and top up everything. Tires, windshield wiper fluid, filter. And is truly under 10mins.
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